We’ve added several enhancements to your payroll service to make it even easier to use. If you use a third-party timekeeping system, you can now import your time records using a comma or tab separated file (CSV). If your bookkeeping service uses alphanumeric general ledger codes (like some instances of QuickBooks) you can now map custom GL codes so your exports seamlessly match-up. Do you need to customize your payroll reports? The new dynamic report supplements our extensive list of static reports. We’ve also updated the dashboard to show you more relevant information about your payruns.

Updated dashboard

Dashboard-updateYour payroll dashboard has been enhanced based on the feedback we’ve received. In addition to showing you the history of payruns in your account, you’ll also see a quick status indicator of your current payrun and details about the payment associated with your last payrun. You’ll see the total debit amount being processed on your bank account (if you are enrolled in our convenient ePay service) as well as the expected payment date for your staff.

CSV time-sheet import

CSV file import

In addition to importing time records for your staff from services like FreshBooks, you now have the ability to import from CSV files. Many time keeping applications and services can export time records in CSV file format so if we don’t have a native import for your favourite tool, you can still bring in those hours via CSV. This service is available on any of our paid plans including those offered by our accountant / bookkeeping partners. For details on how to import using CSV files, please see our forum help article.

Custom general ledger mapping and XML export

Custom GL mappingPaymentEvolution supports a custom chart of accounts that you can use to match your bookkeeping software. If you are mapping to cloud-based services like Kashoo, Saasu or Xero the process is very simple (we read your chart of accounts from these services and allow you to map those accounts to the GL in your payroll account). If you are using a desktop application or need support for alphanumeric chart of account (GL) codes, then our new custom general ledger mapping feature will allow you to export your general ledger entries with the same account codes you (or your accountant) uses to manage your books. You’ll save many hours of entering GL transactions. This feature is available on our Business Pro plan. For more see our forum help article

Dynamic reports

Dynamic reports

We’ve always provided you free reports to manage your payruns and these static reports are handy for most of your needs. However, you may need to customize the reporting dates, look for certain pay runs or just tally up the amount you’ve paid certain staff members – the new dynamic report is for you. Use this report to create custom reports – search for payruns within a specified date range, find specific employee payments, create a tally of payruns for the month etc. If you need to export the data, you can now download it in XLS or PDF format. The onscreen report can be sorted, grouped, sliced and diced – it’s your data, so view it the way you want! For more details see the help forum article.

Minor changes to the report menu

Report-menuWe’ve cleaned up the report menu but don’t worry, all your favourite reports are still there. Along with our regular reports (which have always been free), you’ll see the link to access the new dynamic query reports. We’ve renamed (slightly) one report – the Journal report is now known as the Journal (Register) since many payroll professionals use the term ‘payroll register’ when referring to this type of report.


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